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Some of the projects implemented and under development followed by Open Bridge

Mantua (Italy)



The Emotion Mall shopping center was born in Mantua, a stone's throw from the historic centre, in what was once the city of the greatest legend of world motoring of all time: Tazio Nuvolari. The Emotion Mall center was born with the intention of enhancing the area in which it stands with the presence of major Italian fashion and food & leisure brands. In fact, the unique feature that differentiates the Emotion Mall from other projects is its extreme proximity to the historic center of the city of Mantua. The Emotion Mall is located 500 meters from Mantua station and a 10-minute walk from the historic centre. It is equipped with an internal covered and uncovered car park and an exchanger car park not even 100 meters away. The concept of urban shopping center is absolutely innovative and offers many advantages, first of all the extreme ease of reaching the shopping center even on foot. Emotion Mall has a real square inside, certainly in a modern style, which adds to the many beautiful historic squares in the center of Mantua. A square that offers commercial spaces, restaurants, relaxation and greenery, with a large fountain in the center in the shape of a rock from which water always flows.

Tirana (Albania)



The City Park, owned by the AM Group, covers an area of 40,000 square meters. City Park Tirana, inaugurated in December 2009, hosts 150 retail units, supermarkets, refreshment points and leisure facilities such as the "Cartoon Land" a theme park of over 10,000 m2 for children, in addition to the 500 m2 ice skating rink .. It is also equipped with over 4000 parking spaces. Located on the Tirana - Durres National Road, it is 15 kilometers from the capital, 5 from its airport and 25 from Durres. The catchment area is approximately 1,350,000 inhabitants within a radius of 25 kilometres. Open Bridge  followed the marketing of Italian and non-Italian brands on behalf  of the Ownership to replace Colliers International who had previously worked on the project.


Pian dell'Isola (Italy)



The Open Bridge collaboration in the area surrounding The Mall also extends to the outlet project called "Fashion Groove" which is located a couple of kilometers from The Mall, opposite the Dolce & Gabbana industrial and outlet centre. The project stands on a complex area of 42,000 square meters well integrated into the green countryside of the Valdarno. Fashion Groove is an outlet center that houses single-brand units of brands belonging to the fashion and luxury sector. The project has 1,500 m2 for retail activities, divided into 12 separate units of about 100 m2 each plus a central unit of about 300 m2. Each unit is located on two floors, with about 60 m2 to be used as a warehouse and back office activities located on the upper level, which in turn is connected to the ground floor by an internal staircase for exclusive use; moreover, to allow easy supply of the product, the structure is equipped with an external lift/freight lift. The shops are located next to each other, arranged along a covered gallery about 100 meters long; at the end of this gallery is the "Dot - Com", a bar/restaurant structure already present within "The Mall", whose presence is a guarantee of continuity and excellence. The whole complex, served by a large side parking for private cars, also has areas reserved for bus stops and any NCC services as well as for taxi and shuttle bus stops which guarantee a continuous connection with "The Mall", with the railway stations and with the hotel structures of the whole Florentine area.

Leccio (Florence-Italy)



The collaboration in the Leccio area (Incisa Val D'Arno - Florence) kicks off thanks to the relationship with the Owners of the Luxury Outlet Center "The Mall" in various forms and moments.
In fact, Open Bridge has collaborated since mid-2005 with the Fin-Reta/Gucci Immobiliare Group on some improvement and development projects in the area.

Open Bridge has been actively involved for almost two years in the commercial development of this project initially called "Sammezzano Outlet" consisting of an area of over 5,000 m2. in front of the existing The Mall centre. Today in the area there is the Gucci single-brand store with a beautiful building with modern and refined shapes and style, a jewel that is well suited to an icon-brand like Gucci.

Taiyuan-Shanxi (China)



Open Bridge was commissioned by the Chinese Property to fully develop the project for a new Outlet Shopping Center in China, in the Shanxi province, in an area of approximately 100,000 m2. The building, already partially built, has the dimensions to accommodate over 300 commercial activities on three levels: a food court for about 10% of the commercial space (from 20 to 30 restaurants on three floors), the rest in commercial activities and services. There is only one example of a center of this size in Europe, and that is the White City in London.
Since it is a very large project, Open Bridge has suggested that the Owners set up an ad hoc Management Company coordinating the various marketing operations with Italian and non-Italian Brands.

Owned Brands



Open Bridge is the owner of some registered trademarks in the world with retail development projects associated with them.

D VINO is an Open Bridge brand with a project for the creation of wine-leisure bars around the world; an absolutely new concept that combines wine and lifestyle.

GUN VILLAGE is an Open Bridge brand for the creation of theme parks with everything related to the world of sporting weapons and fishing. Project for theme and commercial parks with highly specialized points of sale with the combination of weapons  with sport and entertainment for the individual and the family with the utmost respect for ethics.

Metzingen (Germany)




Open Bridge has been collaborating for some time with the Holy AG Group of Metzingen. The Holy family was born in the fashion and textile sector: Holy is Hugo Boss. The current management has a close link with the brand, which is no longer owned by the family. However, the production is done entirely by Holy, as is the product development and management of one of the most important and significant outlet centers in Europe: the Outlet-City Metzingen. Metzingen is a small town about thirty kilometers from Stuttgart, where Hugo Boss began his career and production; today the old factory, completely renovated, is used as an outlet and houses over 5000 square meters. of Hugo Boss product. But Metzingen also means other important fashion brands. Here we find Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Burberry, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, Bally, Escada, Lacoste, Puma, etc etc. A historical center completely redesigned and reconceived as an urban outlet, where historical buildings and old structures have been converted into commercial ones with particular attention to the recovery of pedestrian areas, green spaces, respect and redevelopment of post-industrial buildings. One of the most successful outlet centers with customers from 180 countries around the world and an average of around 3,200,000 visitors a year. Open Bridge's role is that of trustee and consultant for some commercial and real estate development operations in Italy.

Bellinzona (Swiss)



The project for the largest retail park in Ticino is located in the municipality of Arbedo - Castione, Bellinzona Nord area, Switzerland. Here the project was born in an area of over 80,000 m2. the largest and most equipped shopping center in the Canton of Ticino where some of the most important commercial realities in the country and in Europe will be present. In fact, the partners are very important and international, in addition to the Canton itself as a local institution that will favor development with the construction of the new football stadium for the Bellinzona team that plays in Serie A of the Swiss championship. The task assigned to Open Bridge  and its staff is to manage and organize approximately 8000 square meters. to be dedicated to the "City of Fashion", i.e. a full price/outlet shopping center with single-brand and multi-brand stores, both fashion and food, spaces for children and recreational areas.

Santhià (Turin-Italy)



The "Glam Mall" project was born in Santhià (Turin) in an area that is certainly very interesting from the point of view of the catchment area and the propensity to spend. The project had ups and downs and the proximity of very active competitors certainly did not make it easy to implement. Although the project both architecturally and commercially had excellent potential foundations, in fact it never took off as an outlet, i.e. it did not have the destination for which it was conceived; probably also due to a timing error in the sense that the construction was practically completed without having first carried out an adequate pre-marketing and leasing activity.


Leccio (Florence-Italy)



This project is commercially developed by Open Bridge. The property is located a hundred meters from The Mall. Open Bridge manages the marketing and management of the new project. The building intervention at the Holm oak takes the form of a building complex which sees the construction of two distinct commercial blocks. The structure is divided into two blocks and 4 levels, two of which are underground and common to the two structures that house the car parks, which can be reached via two ramps behind the façade of the structure and by two lifts. The larger building is divided into 6 different rooms, which are flanked on the upper level by as many spaces intended for commercial, offices and warehouses. The second smaller building is instead divided into three different rooms, functioning in a similar way to the larger building.
The buildings are partly enclosed by glass curtain walls which are divided between the commercial level where they form the windows themselves, and the upper level used as a warehouse and offices.
On the perimeter of the buildings, on the mezzanine level, there is a pedestrian area which allows you to walk along all the sides of the buildings, where the commercial premises are located separately from the internal circulation of the lot. The central courtyard between the two buildings can be reached not only from the outside but also directly, by means of stairs and lifts, from the two underground levels of the car parks.
Externally and in front of the two commercial blocks there is a relationship and rest area for the users of the commercial spaces, with some seats positioned in front of the windows and the entrances.
Likewise, the lateral spaces, positioned on a raised level and delimited by the access steps and the trees, form a relational space that allows usability of the commercial spaces facing laterally, of which the front has two windows, while the commercial space overlooks only the lateral space, both as a showcase space and as an access.

Retail Development Italy



Open Bridge  follows the development and expansion of the retail of the Hugo Boss single-brand stores on behalf of Hugo Boss Italia. In particular, the openings of single-brand stores in certain urban areas in Sicily and in the central north were followed, as well as possible openings in high-end shopping centers throughout the country.

Retail Development Italy



Open Bridge  has followed a number of retail development projects for Calvin Klein Italia for the single-brand Jeans lines both in shopping centers and in urban areas throughout the country.

San Marino Republic




2005 - 2007, Open Bridge  contributed on behalf of the Ownership to the development, marketing and management of the Outlet in the Republic of San Marino, the former "Factory Outlet San Marino" which later became the "Queen Outlet".

Queen Outlet is born just one km beyond the Italy - San Marino border:
15,000 square meters dedicated to convenient shopping, a modern structure in continuous evolution and expansion with green areas and convenient covered parking (800 parking spaces).
Its architecture with an international and modern style, characterized by sober and elegant lines, makes the commercial spaces easy to use and welcoming. Queen Outlet inaugurates an innovative formula in the Factory Outlet Center market:
the Department Outlet Store. Queen Outlet is our answer to the needs of the consumer who seeks maximum convenience and wants to find a wide range of products concentrated in a single space.

Leccio (Florence-Italy)



The structure is located in the municipality of Reggello, adjacent to THE MALL. The shopping center, famous internationally for the importance of the brands it hosts, such as Gucci, Prada, Armani, Valentino, has a constant trend of growth, visibility and notoriety. The project places the hotel at the foot of Sammezzano Castle, a superb site that still bears the traces of history, from its creation in the Middle Ages to the nineteenth-century restyling in full neo-Moorish style. Technical aspects – the project is developed on a building lot of 6,170 m2 on which the construction of 3,250 m2 of gross usable area and a volume of 9,750 m3 is envisaged. The accommodation business was designed primarily linked to the exclusive clientele of THE MALL centre, and therefore it is not a massive intervention but reflects a niche market such as that of the shopping centre. In order to increase the quality of the services offered, it is envisaged that the structure will also include a wellness and fitness centre.

Carlentini (Italy)



Sercom, a company of the Russo Group, is one of the most important realities in the national panorama of large-scale distribution and the real estate sector. The Tenutagrande Retail Resort is the first real estate/commercial project in Europe of such dimensions and ambitions: the project envisages an outlet space of over 25,000 m2, a retail park of over 30,000 m2, a 250-room hotel with a 1500 seats, an amusement theme park, a multiplex and obviously a respectable food court covering over 5,000 m2. We will also have over 6,000 parking spaces, all in an area of approximately 65 hectares. Tenutagrande by virtue of its location, a stone's throw from Catania and Syracuse and the road connections present and under construction, will become one of the major commercial and entertainment attraction poles for the whole Sicilian territory. It is therefore evident that the project in its entirety represents a real intervention on a regional scale, destined to modify the dynamics of purchase and leisure time for Sicilians; it is expected that there will be over 3,000,000 visitors annually. Open Bridge, in partnership with the partners of Lordland Europe in London, worked on the various phases of commercial development and then went on to manage the entire project in the commercial aspects.

Recanati (Italy)



This beautiful and ambitious project involves the urban and commercial redevelopment of one of the most beautiful cities in the Marche region, Recanati, the cradle of music, literature and art. Open Bridge worked with the public administration under the coordination of Captain Scavella, promoter of the initiative, to create the conditions and achieve the ambitious goal of building the first city outlet, completely integrated into a historic centre; the first example of its kind in Italy, second only to the well-known Outletcity Metzingen, of the Holy family, in Germany.


Retail Development World



Open Bridge  has created a retail development project for the Chianti Classico Gallo Nero Consortium. The Consortium, which has its roots in Tuscany since 1716, has many hundreds of member wineries, all in the Chianti Classico area, the between Siena and Florence, one of the most suitable and famous in the world for oenology. The project that Open Bridge has developed is based on the desire, common to the Consortium and to the companies themselves, to develop the market and the image of Italian wine in the world, giving due prominence to the quality, history, culture and passion that Tuscan wineries have always put  into their work. Thanks to the experience gained over the years in the fashion and real estate fields, the project envisages the opening of concept stores in Italy and around the world under the "Chianti Classico Store" brand: in these stores we can find the great wines of the member companies. They can be tasted, bought and shipped all over the world; we also find a vast selection of accessories for wine and some fashion lines and accessories under the Chianti Classico Gallo Nero brand. The layout of the stores is absolutely a jewel, developed in collaboration with the  Designers company in Milan and blends tradition and the future in a mix of technology and comfort that comes only from the great Italian creativity

Tel Aviv (Israel)



Open Bridge has followed the project for the construction of the first fashion outlet in Israel on behalf of an important Israeli company. The project sees the construction of an area of about 18,000 square meters. of a commercial settlement on the outskirts of Tel Aviv with about thirty outlets of Italian and non-Italian brands, fashion and food, of the highest level. Many iconic Italian brands have already joined the project with enthusiasm and extreme interest.

Retail Development China

Open Bridge is currently working with an important Chinese industrial Group for the distribution and sale in China of fashion products and accessories from Italian companies and made in Italy food.

It has also created a distribution and sales department for technological innovation products, alternative energy and free energy devices. In this section you will find some of the most interesting and innovative technological proposals, often not even taken into consideration in Italy and Europe but watched with great interest by the Chinese market and entrepreneurs.

Freeport Italia



Open Bridge owns 50% of the company Freeport Italia Srl in partnership with Lordland Europe Ltd. of London. The partnership was born in 2011 for the development of outlet projects in Italy and Europe in close contact with Freeport Leisure Plc. and Freeport Retail Ltd.

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