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Direct management

The types of intervention and skills of HK Open Bridge are many and, thanks also to the heterogeneity of the staff of professionals, it is able to develop and manage the following concepts:

Shopping centers

Multi-brand and multifunctional sales parks
Outlets 'village' model and 'covered shopping center' model, both off and full price 
Multi-purpose Structures - Sports - Tourism - Hotel, Accommodation
Wellness centres, beauty farms, spas, care-homes.

Retail Development

Assessment of the sustainability of market intervention
Research and relationships with Italian and/or foreign investors
Commercialization – leasing plan

Daily business management

Shopping center management
Research and identification of the financial resources necessary for the intervention.

The segmentation of the various operational phases makes each type of intervention versatile, with assignments that can also be developed separately and operations aimed at fixed-term contracts.

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